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Tables on organic agriculture in Europe

On this page data on organic farming in Europe (2011 to 2013 data) compiled in the framework of the European funded project OrganicDataNetwork (www.organicdatanetwork.net) by the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (www.FiBL.org) and the Agricultural Market Information Comany (AMI, www.AMI-Informiert.de) and partners is made available. Previous data on organic agriculture in Europe were compiled by FiBL and AMI in the framework of their annual surveys on organic agriculture in Europe.

The data are published as interactive tables and map as well in the yearbook "The World of Organic Agriculture".

Datatables on organic agriculture in Europe

Data sources and data providers

Data sources are listed on the last pages of the various editions of "The World of Organic Agriculture".

Detailed data sources are available as a PDF. (1.2 MB)