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News Related to Organic Farming Statistics in Europe

Pie chart distribution of organic land 2015

European Union: Eurostat releases 2015 data on organic areas and producers - Organic crop area on the rise


With more than 11 million hectares of certified area or area under conversion in 2015, organic farming made up 6.2% of the European Union's (EU) total utilised... read more

European Commission

New rules for electronic certification of EU organic imports - better EU statistics on organic imports?


New European Union (EU) rules introducing a system of electronic certification for imported organic products were published by the European Commission on October 14,... read more


New publication "Organic in Europe: Prospects and Developments 2016"


Demand for organic food in Europe saw another record year of growth in 2014; however, organic production is not moving at the same speed and more effort at policy level... read more

Infographic key indicators

Slide presentations on organic agriculture worldwide and in Europe


FiBL has prepared three presentations summarizing the key results of the FiBL-IFOAM survey on organic agriculture worldwide 2016 (data 2014). Apart from the global... read more


Organic agriculture and organic markets in Europe - 2013 update


The key data on organic agriculture in Europe are now available at http://orgprints.org/28706.  read more


OrganicDataNetwork successfully concluded


The European project "Data network for better European organic market information" (OrganicDataNetwork) has now reached its end. The major outcomes are summarized in... read more

Presentations from the session "The Organic Market in Europe" at BIOFACH 2015


On February 12, 2015, partners of the OrganicDataNetweork prsented the latest data on organic markets in Europe. The presentations are now available for download at... read more

Growth continues: Global organic market at 72 billion US Dollars with 43 million hectares of organic agricultural land worldwide


The latest global data on organic farming will be presented by IFOAM – Organics International and the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) at the BIOFACH... read more

Media release: European organic market continued to grow in 2013


In 2013, the European organic market grew by approximately six percent to a value of more than 24 billion euros. Consumers in the European Union spent 22.2 billion... read more

Workshop participants

OrganicDataNetwork: discussion with market researchers and representatives of official agencies


The second European Workshop on “finding practical solutions to current organic market data problems” was organised within the framework of the OrganicDataNetwork... read more

Helga Willer

Nearly two million organic farmers worldwide


A recent report from Organic-Market info about the latest edition of the FiBL-IFOAM survey on organic agriculture worldwide, which was launched at BIOFACH 2014.  read more

New handbook: Organic in Europe - Prospects and Developments


This publication provides an overview of developments and future prospects from the perspective of public policy support and market growth. read more

February 13, 2014: Case studies on improved data collection methods in selected countries - OrganicDataNetwork session at BIOFACH 2014


Case studies on improved data collection methods in selected countries – Session of the EU-funded project OrganicDataNetwork at BIOFACH on Thursday, 13th of February.  read more

OrganicDataNetwork statement on data collection and EU regulation


Recently the OrganicDataNetwork project issued its statement on data collection and made a number of suggestions how data collection could be improved in the context of... read more

Third issue of the OrganicDataNetwork newsletter now online


The 3rd issue of the OrganicDataNetwork newsletter contains some important news about progress made in building a stronger network of organic market data collectors,... read more

Cover facts and figures

New report from the European Commission: Facts and figures on organic agriculture in the European Union


Report on the status of organic farming in Europe 2011, prepared by the Directorate General of Agriculture and Rural Development of the European Commission with the... read more

Fourth project meeting of the OrganicDataNetwork in Montpellier


Media release of Oktober 18, 2013 of the OrganicDataNetwork project read more

Logo Organic Eprints

OrganicDataNetwork: Publications at Organic Eprints


A number of reports from the OrganicDataNetwork Project are now available online at the Organic Eprints Archive.... read more

Newsletter cover

Second Newsletter of the OrganicDataNetwork project


The second issue of the Newsletter of the OrganicDatatNetwork project is now online.  read more

Eurostat database with new URL


Eurostat maintains a database with data on organic agriculture in the countries of the European Union, furthermore Norway and Switzerland. Recently Eurostat has... read more

Dynamic data table with key data from the FiBL-IFOAM survey now updated


The dynamic data table with key data from the FiBL-IFOAM survey 2013 at the Organic-World.net has now been updated. The data were originally published in "The World... read more


OrganicDataNetwork presents achievements at project meeting


Twenty-eight participants attended the second meeting of the research project Data network for better European organic market information (OrganicDataNetwork) on October... read more

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Slide presentations on organic agriculture worldwide


All slide presentations on organic agriculture worldwide 2010 are now ready.  read more

Logo OrganicDataNetwork

OrganicDataNetwork: Survey about market data availability in Europe started


The OrganicDataNetwork project, which was recently launched, has now started a survey about data collectors and data availability of oganic market data in Europe. read more

Table on organic imports to Germany

Germany: Organic imports


Germany is not only the largest market for organic products in Europe but also one of its largest organic producers. In spite of this fact, in 2009/2010 Germany... read more

Slides on Organic Agriculture Worldwide


Slides on the results from the FiBL and IFOAM survey as published in The World of Organic Agriculture 2011 (with some updates) and further graphs are now... read more

BioFach Session "The European Market for Organic Food 2011"


At the BioFach session "The European Market for Organic Food" experts presented the latest trends in Germany, France, UK and Central Eastern European countries. Some of... read more

European Union: Analysis of the Organic Sector


In June 2010, the Directorate-General for Agriculture And Rural Development of the European Commission published an analysis of the organic sector in the European... read more

Cover statistics in focus

New Report from Eurostat


According to a new report released by Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union, organic farming in the 27 countries of the European Union covered 7.8... read more

EU environment-related indicators 2009 published


The recently published leaflet 'EU environment related indicators 2009' presents 10 environment-related indicators that highlight environmental trends, including... read more