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Country Reports and Country Information on Organic Farming in Europe

At these pages country information is available, including country reports, news, links and slides.  Most reports have been written by country experts or by FiBL with the support of experts. The most recent update was in 2014, when the country reports as published in the book "Organic in Europe" were used.

Country reports

Country reports contain the key information about the situation if organic agriculture in the countries of Europe. Readers that would like to contribute country reports should use the structure for such reports as outlined on the right margin. Contact: helga.willer@no-spam.fibl.org.


Each country page has a link to the news published at Organic-Europe.net related to a particular country. Suggestions for news can be sent to the editor (see right).


Links with relevant information are collected in a link library and available by country. 


Work on the addresses is carried out on a continuous base. Updates and correctsion should be sent to helga.willer@fibl.org.

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Organic in Europe 2014

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Would you like to contribute a country report ?

If you would like to contribute a country report we suggest the following structure: 

  • Recent important developments
  • History
  • Production data (area, key crops) and operators (producers, processors etc)
  • Key institutions/organisations
  • Market: Domestic (size, share, marketing channels, best sold products)
  • Trade: export, import
  • Legislation
  • Government support / development cooperation
  • Research, advice and training
  • Outlook
  • Links/Further reading

Recommended size: Maximum 5000 characters

Contact: Helga Willer, FiBL, Switzerland


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