Country report - Czech Republic 2011

In the Czech Republic, total acreage of organically farmed land as at 31.12.2011 had increased to almost 500,000 hectares, which represents an 11.40 % share of total agricultural land. The increase in organically farmed land slowed in 2011 (increase of 7.7 %), which was evident in a decline in the
share of land in the conversion period, from 27 % to 20 %. Once again in 2011 there was a significant rise in the number of organic farmers (increase of 403) and by the end of the year almost 4,000 farms were working organically, which represents almost 13 % of registered agricultural businesses in the country.

In 2010 the total organic food turnover in Czech businesses (including export) amounted to ca 2.1 billion Czech crowns (CZK)*, of which consumers in the Czech Republic spent about 1.6 bn. CZK on organic foods. The average annual consumption per person remains below 200 CZK (151 CZK in 2010) and the share of organic food in total food and drink consumption remains under 1 % (0.63 % in 2010).

The volume of imported finalized organic food achieved by distributors and retail chains which was sold on the Czech market in 2010 is estimated to have been 680 million CZK, which represents 46 % of retail turnover in the Czech Republic . This
figure increases to nearly 70 % if we include the value of organic products and foods which are further processed or re-packed in the country.

Very detailed  information about organic farming in the Czech Republic in 2011 is available in the Yearbook 2011, published by the Czech Ministry of Agriculture, in cooperation with the Czech Technology Platform for Organic Farming and Bioinstiut. 

*In 2011, 1 euro corresponded to 25.151 Czech Crowns, according to the European Central Bank.

Download Yearbook 2011

Yearbook 2011: Organic Agriculture in the Czech Republic (2.9 MB)


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