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News About Organic Farming in Estonia

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News about organic farming in Estonia


Estonia: 17 % of the farmland is organic


Organic production has grown steadily. There are many farmers who want to manage their land organically because they favour this type of production and because they want... read more

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With its new specialized Twitter account @FiBLStatistics, the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture FiBL is providing a tool to find latest data and... read more

Organic Farming in Estonia 2014: 16 percent of the farmland is organic


Recently the brochure „Organic Farming in Estonia 2014“ was published by the Ministry of Agriculture, Republic of Estonia. The booklet with the key statistics and... read more

Estonia: Organic agricultural area continues to grow


Recently the 2013 edition of yearbook "Organic farming in Estonia" was published by the Estonian Ministry of Agriculture". The brochure documents the continued growth of... read more

New handbook: Organic in Europe - Prospects and Developments


This publication provides an overview of developments and future prospects from the perspective of public policy support and market growth. read more

Estonia: More than 14 percent of the farmland is organic


For the fourth time, the brochure "Organic Farming in Estonia" has been published. It informs about the latest facts and figures about organic farming in the country.... read more

Estonia: Organic area continues to grow


The Estonian Organic Farming Foundation has recently published a brochure on organic farming in Estonia in 2010. It is in English and Estonian and has the most important... read more


Estonia: More than ten percent organic agricultural land in 2009


Recently a broshure was published about organic farming in Estonia. It informs extensively about the current situation.  read more

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Proceedings of the conference 'Fostering healthy food systems through organic agriculture'


In August 2009, the conference "Forstering healthy food systems through organic agriculture - Focus on the North-Baltic Region" took place in Tartu, Estonia.  read more

Cover of the broshure 'Organic Farming in Estonia' 2008

Estonia: Almost ten percent of the agricultural land organic in 2008


Organic production has grown rapidly in Estonia, one of the reasons being the financial support since 2000. By 2008 organic land (approx. 87'000 hectares) was close to... read more