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News about organic farming in Finland

News about #OrganicFinland on @FiBLStatistics

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News about organic farming in Finland

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With its new specialized Twitter account @FiBLStatistics, the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture FiBL is providing a tool to find latest data and... read more

New handbook: Organic in Europe - Prospects and Developments


This publication provides an overview of developments and future prospects from the perspective of public policy support and market growth. read more

Finnish Institute for Organic Food established


The University of Helsinki and the state research institute MTT Agrifood Research Finland have signed an agreement for co-operation to establish the Finnish Institute... read more

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Finland: Record number of new organic farms and enterprises


The Finish Food Safety Authority Evira has recently published the latest figures on organic agriculture in the country. read more

November 1-2, 2012: Scientific Seminar "Organic Food – open, critical and collaborative approaches" in Mikkeli, Finland


 read more

Finland: 19 percent growth of the organic market in 2008


The market for organic food in Finland experienced slow growth for several years but in 2007 it grew by 10 percent, and the latest figures from Nielsen show that in 2008... read more

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