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TP Organics: Priority topics for Horizon 2020: new version

The European Technology Platform for organic food and farming (TP Organics) has published a new version of its priority topics for the Horizon 2020 Work Programme 2016/2017. Horizon 2020 is the new research framework programme of the European Union.

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Priority topics of TP Organics for Horizon 2020


The topics will highly contribute to the implementation of the European Union's Organic Action Plan as well as leverage the organic sector's contribution to Sustainable Food Security, resilient food systems and the renaissance of rural areas.

The topics have been selected from TP Organics’ Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda that was published in December 2014. This new Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda is the product of an intensive participatory process, which lasted for a year and a half and included an online consultation for members and stakeholder that attracted more than 300 responses. Together, the proposed research projects will support sustainable growth of the organic sector in Europe and beyond.

The topics have been clustered in two parts. Part A focuses on the contribution of the organic food & farming sector to Sustainable Food Security and resilient agricultural value chains. It includes following topics:

  • Supply of organic seeds - Towards 100% organic seed
  • Breeding for increased diversity and resilience in organic and low-input systems
  • Alternatives to contentious inputs used in organic agriculture
  • Eco-efficient production of animal feed at local level
  • Innovative ICT tools for organic cropping systems
  • Organic food processing concepts and technologies

Part B focuses on fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in the organic sector and strengthening the contribution of the organic sector to a rural renaissance. It includes following topics:

  • Solutions for resource-efficient primary production, based on the Internet-of-Things
  • Public health effects of organic food systems in Europe
  • Developing the organic farming policies of the future
  • Improving organic certification
  • Use of big data analytics for better market and farm benchmarking data
  • Improving food security and rural development in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia

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