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Organic Farming in Estonia 2014: 16 percent of the farmland is organic

Recently the brochure „Organic Farming in Estonia 2014“ was published by the Ministry of Agriculture, Republic of Estonia. The booklet with the key statistics and background information was production by the Estonian Organic Farming Foundation.


By 2014 organic land (158,071 hectares) was about 16% of all agricultural land in use, with 1,542 organic producers. In addition, 129,790 hectares of natural areas were certified for wild collection. Compared to the previous year, the number of organic farmers decreased for the first time. The size of organic farmland has expanded from year to year, to an average area of 103 hectares. Ten of Estonia’s largest organic farms have over 1,000 hectares of land.

In Estonia, organic land area has expanded more than threefold over the last ten years. The number of processing and marketing enterprises is also growing every year, as well as sales of organic food. Healthiness is given as the main reason why Estonian consumers buy organic food.
Both organic farming organizations and other enterprises are actively contributing to the development of the organic sector.

The Estonian Organic Farming Development Plan 2014–2020 was launched in 2014 with the aim of increasing the competitiveness of organic producers and the consumption of local organic food. Also, proposal for organic farming measure was prepared for the Estonian Rural Development Plan for 2014–2020.

There are many farmers who want to manage their land organically. Their conversion has been possible with the financial support given, per organic hectare, since the year 2000.

During recent years the development of organic processing and marketing has shown good growth: the organic farming register had a total of 220 organic food processors and traders.

The greatest variety of organic products is available in specialist organic shops, but their total turnover is greater in conventional stores. Consumer interest in purchasing organic food has increased considerably. Organic processing and marketing will undoubtedly develop soon, making organic food much more widely available.

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  • Airi Vetemaa, Estonian Organic Farming Foundation
  • Merit Mikk, Estonian Organic Farming Foundation



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