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Global Organic Sales Approaching 60 Billion US Dollars

Organic Monitor has recently released the 3rd edition of the Global Organic Food & Drink market report.

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The global market for organic food & drink is recovering from the financial crisis. After several years of double-digit growth, the market expanded by just five percent in 2009. Healthy growth rates are resuming as 'mainstreaming' of organic products continues. A major driver of market growth in all geographic regions is increasing distribution in mainstream retailers.

The European market for organic food & drink has been most affected by the financial crisis. Declining consumer spending power and rationalisation of organic product ranges in food retailers caused the UK market to contract in 2009. The German market, the largest in Europe, showed no growth. In contrast, the organic products market in some countries  - including France and Sweden - showed resilience, expanding by over 15 percent.

Healthy growth is continuing in the North American market, which has overtaken the European market to become the world's largest this year. Supply continues to fall short in many organic product categories, leading to imports from various countries. Latin America has become a major source of organic fruits, vegetables, meats, seeds, nuts and ingredients.

The fresh produce category comprises most organic food & drink sales. Fruit & vegetables like apples, oranges, carrots and potatoes are typical entry points for consumers buying organic products. Their fresh nature appeals to consumers seeking healthy & nutritious foods. Dairy products and beverages are the next most important organic product categories.

The 3rd edition of this Global Organic Food & Drink market report , published by Organic Monitor (www.organicmonitor.com), gives a detailed analysis of the organic products market in each geographic region. Regional reports contain market size, revenue forecasts, market drivers & restraints, regulations & standards, category analysis, sales channels breakdown, consumer behaviour, competitive analysis, retailer profiles and business opportunities.

The report has been prepared by continuously researching the global organic food industry for almost 10 years. Expert analysis and insights are given to make key business decisions and   marketing plans. Future growth projections are given in terms of organic food production, market growth rates, and industry developments. The business opportunities in each geographic region are highlighted for new entrants and exporters.

At BioFach 2011, the latest data will be presented  by Amarjit Sahota, director of Organic Monitor. The event takes place on February 18, 2011 at the BioFach Congress in Nuremberg, Germany. Amarjit Sahota regularly writes a chapter on the global market for organic food and drink for "The World of Organic Agriculture".

Source: OrganicMonitor.com

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