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New Publication from Organic Monitor: The European Market for Organic Food and Drink

Recently the second edition of Organic Monitors 'European Market for Organic Food and Drink' was published.


According to Organic Monitor (www.organicmonitor.com), European organic food & drink sales are bouncing back from the economic slowdown. Consumer demand for organic products has been affected by declining disposable incomes and retailers reducing their organic product ranges. The UK and German organic product markets were the most adversely affected.

Healthy market growth rates have returned on the back of higher consumer confidence. The French and Nordic markets are the frontrunners, with demand outpacing supply across product categories. Rising market growth rates are expected to cause organic product shortages in the coming years.

A major driver of market growth is increasing distribution. Organic foods are making inroads in supermarkets, hypermarkets, convenience stores and discount stores. Many such retailers are launching private labels, making organic foods available at affordable prices. The catering & foodservice sector is becoming an important channel for organic products. The market share of this channel has already reached 10 percent in the Netherlands, Sweden and other countries. The market share is rising as penetration of organic ingredients / products increases in restaurants, bars, caf├ęs and public canteens.

  •   Market size of country markets
  •   Market size of leading product categories
  •   Market shares of organic products
  •   Historic and projected market growth rates
  •   Revenue forecasts
  •   Market drivers & restraints
  •   Organic standards & regulations
  •   Country reports
  •   Sales channels
  •   Competitive analysis
  •   Consumer behaviour

Profiles are given of the leading producers, retailers and importers of organic foods in Europe. The business opportunities are highlighted to new entrants and existing participants.

Further information

The study is available from Organic Monitor, has 70 pages and costs 599 Euros.