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BioFach Session "The European Market for Organic Food 2011"

At the BioFach session "The European Market for Organic Food" experts presented the latest trends in Germany, France, UK and Central Eastern European countries. Some of the presentations are now available.


According to the survey on the European market, carried out by FiBL, AMI and ORC, the European market had a size of approximately 18.4 billion Euros in 2009. In spite of the financial crisis, in 2009 the organic market continued to grow in Europe, particularly in France and Sweden, whereas some countries were affected by the economic crisis which led to stagnation (for example in Germany and the Czech Republic) or there was even decline (such as in the United Kingdom and Ireland) of the organic market. In most European countries the market grew at single-digit rates. Initial estimates indicate that in 2010 the markets grew at a higher rate compared with 2009.

Speakers at the BioFach session:


  • Katrin Zander, University of Kassel


February 16-19, 2011: BioFach 2011

BioFach 2011 took place from February 16 to 19, 2011 in Nuremburg, Germany.

Events of relevance to organic farming statistics  (including presentations)

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