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Serbia: New report about organic agriculture

The German GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit) has recently released a report about organic farming in Serbia. The summary shown here is taken from the Organic-Market.info webpage.


With its abundant agricultural land and its long agro-industrial tradition, Serbia can look forward to transforming these advantageous factors into export opportunities and invigorating its domestic market. The Serbian National Action Plan for Organic Agriculture shows that Serbian political decision-makers have realized the country’s potential for organic farming and started preparing the necessary framework to turn these opportunities into real business. The GIZ has supported the development of the National Action Plan and is assisting Serbia in reducing constraints and bottlenecks hampering the development of the agricultural sector in general, and of the organic sub-sector in particular.

Now the electronic version of the booklet "Organic Agriculture in Serbia at a Glance 2011" is available. This report provides a comprehensive overview of the current status of organic farming, processing and marketing in Serbia. It is intended for existing and potential stakeholders in the agro-industry and is expected to stimulate discussion and interest in the development of the organic sector in Serbia.

Data result from a sector study, which GIZ conducted with FiBL and AFC consultants in 2010. According to these data, 8660 hectares or 0.17 percent of the agricultural land are are organic in Serbia. There are almost 3000 producers. These figures were also used for the 12th edition of "The World of Organic Agriculture", published by FiBL and IFOAM.

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