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Organic Eprints is Expanding

Participants at the national editors meeting at FiBL in Frick. From left to right, top row: Helga Willer, FiBL; Lieve De Cock, Belgium; Aysen Alay Vural, Turkey; Sirli Pehme, Estonia; Fabiana Crescenzi, Italy; Maria Keuschnigg, Austria; Serenella Puliga, Italy; Katerina Zieglerova, Czech Republic; Per Fredriksson, Sweden; Servane Penvern, France; Jelle Maas, The Netherlands; Anne-Kristin Løes, Norway; Urs Niggli, Director FiBL; Ilse A. Rasmussen, Denmark. Bottom row: Dan Clavin, Ireland; Cordula Binder, Germany; Claudia Frieden, Switzerland; María Ramos, Spain; Annamaria Stella Marzetti, Italy; Vasileios Protonotarios, Greece. Picture: Thomas Alföldi, FiBL, Frick


Organic Eprints, the open access archive for publications on organic research,  is expanding: The number of country editors has increased from 11 to 22. Country editors are responsible for the quality checks of the eprints from their countries, and they are also the contact persons for users that have questions related to the archive.

The expansion is partly a result of the appointment of national editors in the CORE Organic II project (www.coreorganic2.org). However, also other countries have appointed national editors, among others Brazil and Canada. 

The national editors recently held a two-day meeting and training at the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture FiBL in Frick, Switzerland. It is expected, that the new editors will contribute to the promotion of the use of Organic Eprints in their countries. Until now, the 11 countries with National Editors were responsible for more than 90 percent of the eprints in the archive, so this expansion gives great hopes for the future.

The Organic Eprints archive is open for publications and other information about research in organic agriculture and food systems. Anyone can deposit their publications, and unless there is copyright, anyone can download the publications. Organic Eprints has existed since 2002 and at the present time it has more than 10'000 entries and more than 15'000 registered users (www.orgprints.org).

The Organic Eprints archive is maintained by the International Centre of Research in Organic Farming Systems (www.icrofs.org), in cooperation with the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (www.fibl.org) and the Federal Agency for Agriculture and Food (www.ble.de).

Source: ICROFS News May 2011

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