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CORE Organic II: Eleven projects selected


The full proposals of the first call of the CORE Organic II project (www.coreorganic2.org) have been evaluated by scientific experts. Hereafter, the CORE Organic II consortium selected eleven projects for funding at a meeting 11-12 May 2011.

CORE Organic II is a European transnational research cooperation project supported by the European Commission. This project runs for three years, 2010-2013 and is coordinated by ICROFS, the Danish Internation Centre for Research in Organic Food Sysems (www.icrofs.org). The main idea of CORE Organic 2 is the coordination of research programmes between partner countries, under which the above mentioned call was launched.

The following projects have been selected by the CORE Organic 2 Consortium:

  • TILMAN-ORG: Reduced tillage and green manures for sustainable organic cropping systems Dr. Paul Mäder, FiBL Research Institute of Organic Agriculture, Switzerland
  • BIO-INCROP: Innovative cropping techniques to increase soil health in organic fruit tree crops Senior Scientist Luisa Maria Manici, Agricultural Research Council, Italy
  • InterVeg: Enhancing multifunctional benefits of cover crops – vegetables intercropping Senior researcher Stefano Canali, Agricultural Research Council – Research centre for the soil plant system (CRA-RPS), Italy
  • Softpest multitrap: Management of strawberry blossom weevil and European tarnished plant bug in organic strawberry and raspberry using semiochemical traps Research Director PhD Atle Wibe, Bioforsk - Organic Food and Farming Division, Norway
  • BICOPOL: Targeted precision biocontrol and pollination enhancement in organic cropping systems Professor Heikki Hokkanen, University of Helsinki, Department of Agricultural Sciences, Finland
  • Vineman.Org: Integration of plant resistance, cropping practices, and biocontrol agents for enhancing disease management, yield
    efficiency, and biodiversity in organic European vineyards (pending acceptance of reduced funding) Associated Professor Vittorio Rossi, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Italy
  • HealthyHens: Promoting good health and welfare in European organic laying hens Head of department Prof. Dr. Ute Knierim, Department of Farm Animal Behaviour and Husbandry, Faculty of Organic Agricultural Sciences, University of Kassel, Germany
  • ICOPP: Improved contribution of local feed to support 100% organic feed supply to pigs and poultry Head of research unit John E. Hermansen, Dep. of Agroecology and Environment, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, University of Aarhus, Denmark
  • ProPIG: Farm specific strategies to reduce environmental impact by improving health, welfare and nutrition of organic pigs (pending acceptance of reduced funding) Dr. med. vet. CertWEL Senior Scientist Christine Leeb, University of Natural Ressources and Applied Life Sciences, Austria
  • SafeOrganic: Restrictive use of antibiotics in organic animal farming – a potential for safer, high quality products with less
    antibiotic resistant bacteria PhD, Research Leader Søren Aabo, Technical  University of Denmark, National Food Institute, Denmark
  • AuthenticFood: Fast methods for authentication of organic plant based foods Professor Doctor Søren Husted, University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Life Sciences, Denmark

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