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Organic Farm Management Handbook Published

The new edition of the Organic Farm Management Handbook is now available, published by the Organic Research Centre at Elm Farm (UK).


This publication is covering a broad range of market, certification, policy, financial and technical information about different organic systems and enterprises. The Organic Farm Management Handbook is a reference source on conversion to and continued organic farming for farmers, growers, consultants, bankers, land agents, buyers, students and many more interested parties.

The Organic Research Centre sees this new edition as necessary in a time of emerge from recession and in preparation for the next phase of CAP reform. Coupled with the serious attention now being given to the role of organic farming by the European Commission as part of the CAP Reform debate,
now may be the time to start thinking again about the potential of converting to organic farming. The handbook reflects the difficulties that the organic sector has faced in the market place, but also shows the evidence from the Farm Business Survey which revealed that organic farms have in general maintained income levels and continue to perform as well as similar non-organic farms. Looking forward, increasing general food prices and a potential recovery in the UK organic market, which has continued to grow elsewhere in Europe and globally despite the recession, mean that prospects for organic farming maintaining its profitability are good. Copies of the handbook can be ordered via e-mail at 20 British Pounds, with a discount available for bulk orders and trade purchasers.

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