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Website of the new IMPRO project on health status in organic dairy farming now online

IMPRO is a new project funded by the European Union, which aims to improve current health management strategies on organic dairy farms. The project website is now online.


IMPRO is the acronym of the project Impact matrix analysis and cost-benefit calculations to improve management practices regarding health status in organic dairy farming. It is funded under the seventh framework programme for resarch and technological development of the European Union.

IMPRO started in October 2012 and has a duration of four year. It is carried out by a Consortium of seven partners from six European countries, who selected to meet the needs of the project in terms of skills, competencies and understanding of the problem, each of them engaged in system oriented approaches to improve animal health at different levels of integration.

More information about the project, its objectives and approach, its partners, and its results is available in six languages at the project website www.impro-dairy.eu.

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