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IFOAM EU welcomes the Commission’s new head of unit for organic farming

Press release of the IFOAM EU Group of July 2, 2012


The European Group of the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM EU Group) would like to welcome the new head of unit for organic farming in the European Commission, General Directorate Agriculture, Mr Joao Onofre, who began in his new post on the 1 July. It also wishes to bid farewell and offers its thanks to his predecessor, Jean Francois Hulot for his five years of dedicated work for organic farming within the European Commission.

"The IFOAM EU Group looks forward to cooperating with Mr Onofre and we are convinced that our fruitful work with the Organic Farming Unit in the Commission will continue into the future", said Christopher Stopes, IFOAM EU Group President. "We think Mr Onofre can bring important experience, from his former role within the department of the International Affairs at DG Agriculture, to deal with challenges in the areas of EU certification and control system as well as the worldwide recognition of EU standards in mutual agreements with third countries to help develop and foster the organic sector. One of his most important tasks will be the review of the Organic Regulation (EC) No 834/2007 where IFOAM EU will be at his service".

Marco Schlüter, IFOAM EU Group Director, added "We would also like to thank Mr Jean Francois Hulot for working over the past five years as head of the organic unit in the European Commission. We appreciated his openness with organic stakeholders and we think he has set a marker as to how organic farming can be developed by policymakers in cooperation with the organic movement. One of his biggest achievements was finalising the implementing rules for organic regulation (EC) No 834/2007 in particular in new areas such as organic aquaculture and organic wine rules. We would like to put special attention on Mr. Hulot’s contributions at IFOAM EU Group events, such as the IFOAM EU Group's European Organic Congresses, and his willingness to engage in dialogue with all stakeholders.

Source: Press release of the IFOAM EU Group of July 2, 2012: IFOAM EU welcomes the Commission’s new head of unit for organic farming and bids farewell and thanks to his predecessor





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